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Life is precious. And so are moments.

Let’s be honest, we all carry around a camera – each one of us – it’s in our heart. We capture moments that are precious to us and “save” them right in there. Whenever we remember them, we are there, instantly. We can feel the moment, smell the moment and sometimes even hear the voices right at that moment in time.

My passion as a photographer is to give you a collection of moments of your wedding day so that you can access it immediately, anytime, dive right into it – without searching. As a photographer I feel like a time traveler, leaving a trail with precious moments that I give to you in photographs – and they stay in your heart forever.

I am a love storyteller by heart – my images are described by clients as alive, connected, atmospheric, sophisticated, fun, intuitive, real, romantic, heartfelt, beautiful, loving and “in the moment”.

Have a look for yourself, you might find a new word…

” Stephanie, you are a very talented photographer and we are so happy with the memories you have helped us capture! You are a joy to be around and so great at what you do. We have both been very impressed with your professionalism but also how personal you make the day as well. Thank you!”  –  Amanda & Dan

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