Wedding & Portrait Photographer Christchurch and any other Destination

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” Stephanie, you have a true talent, your amazing rapport with people reflects in your photos, as these are so natural and fun loving. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our amazing photos that we will cherish forever! Much Love & Thanks, Kelvin and Clare “

Hi – I am Steph.

I love life and laughter and have the gift to connect to anyone. I can joke with your grandmother and not seldom your uncle wants to give me a hug before I leave. I love it all. Emotions, connections, moments of pure joy and laughter. Being an open hearted person I  make people comfortable and relaxed in front of my lens. I always follow my intuition to be led to all the precious moments of a wedding story and find that even after so many weddings, every wedding is unique and full of surprises.

My passion is to capture those moments for you so that you can look at them again and again and be transported to that place in time instantly. I am a love storyteller by heart and I would love to tell your story.

Love  Steph x