Wedding & Portrait Photographer Christchurch, New Zealand

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What is your name?

Stephanie – just call me Steph

So, what makes you different to other photographers?

The same that makes you different to other clients – being truly your self… that is unique.

What kind of photographs will I get?

Have a look at the stories – they are all organic, fun & real. I don’t do staging. I do real stories. For real people.

What is on your bucket list?

Staying for 3 months at our 110 year old family hut in the North Italian Alps and family & friends from all over the world come and visit.

What do you love to do in your spare time?

Downhill biking, hiking, skiing, wild camping – any adventures really

What is your favourite food?


Apart from that?

Another chocolate

Most stupid thing you did?

At eighteen… driving into a 2.2m high hotel car park garage with a bike on the roof rack. BANG – my mum’s bike was looking like a pretzel. The hotel apologised, put up an actual height sign and covered all the costs. I think my mum is still missing her favourite bike.

Best kept secret?

Still best kept

” Steph, you have a true talent, your amazing rapport with people reflects in your photos, as these are so natural and fun loving.” 

Kelvin & Clare