Portrait Photography Christchurch

Family Portrait Photographer – Akaroa – Robinsons Bay

Familiy Portrait Photographer Christchurch Families and family baches. There is this tradition,View full post »

Christchurch family portrait photographer – Mark & Mel with Arthur

New parents. Pretty magical. Pretty exhausting. Pretty much everything, all the time, ups andView full post »

Family portrait photographer – Christchurch – Taylors Mistake

There are times in your life when you realize how precious it is to have some beautifulView full post »

Family Portrait Photographer – Christchurch – Victoria Park

Family Portrait Photographer Christchurch That moment when your bigger brotherView full post »

Auckland family portrait photographer – Nicholas & Tania, Brittany and Samantha

 Love. Essence. Connections. If you imagine a jumper, knitted with love and attention, close,View full post »

Christchurch family portrait photography – Eugenie & Tim with Josie, Annushka and Toby

So. There comes a time in your life when it makes a new turn. And with it – everything turnsView full post »

Family Portrait Photographer – Christchurch – Lincoln

Family get together. A surprise photo shoot organised by Pip (3rd from the left). 3 generations,View full post »

Christchurch family portrait photography – Katrina, Tim, Ollie, Toby, Matilda and Beau

Family homes. It is always exciting for me to visit families and see how they live. The placeView full post »

Business Photographer – Wellington – Cafe PREFAB

New Zealand. Wellington. PREFAB. Let’s zoom right in. There are places in this world thatView full post »

Christchurch business portrait photography – THE OCTET – Christchurch’s best Jazz Band

When THE OCTET approached me and asked if I could take their portrait, I felt Jazz swingingView full post »