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Christchurch Photographer


“Hello, my name is

Stephanie Defregger

and I am a soul photographer.

Every event, place and being has a soul.

My famous great great grandfather ‘Franz von Defregger’ had the gift

to capture the soul in his paintings

and I have the gift

to capture it in my photographs.”


My all time favourites?

Mountain sports (skiing, hiking, downhill biking), new adventures, travel, sleeping under the stars, journaling, reading, the arts, connections, chocolate, being in nature, our family hut in the Italian Alps (die Alm) and my housemates aka 3 kids and a dog.

Ingredients for the beautiful photographs?

10 years of experience as a professional photographer, a good eye, luck – and most importantly, my intuition.

My quirks?

I talk to my plants, chalk inspirational quotes on my house walls and hug trees.


soul portrait professional photographer Stephanie Defregger Christchurch New Zealand