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Photographs with a lot more soul.

Everyone, everything and every place has a soul.

We capture it.


KIA ORA and welcome. We are a small & happy photography business based in creative Christchurch, New Zealand.

We travel to Europe frequently and are delighted to meet you where ever you are.



It is all about the experience with us – we deliver a personal, honest, professional and heartful service. We do things differently here and we love that. Even after hundreds of events that we have captured, yours will have its own vibe and soul.


If every single snowflake is different, so are we. There is no point in trying to be anyone else than who you are. Wether you are adventurous, down to earth, relaxed or romantic – we will see you for who you are and capture that in the images.


Let’s be honest. No one really likes their image to be taken. We photographers know that we rank from the anticipated pain level just below a dentist. Be assured that we are kind and gentle with you and that we totally understand that you might feel a bit uncomfortable. Trust us, we know how to make it enjoyable – we got your back.


We love fun. The more fun you have, the better you will feel, the better the photos will be. You’ll find joy in the experience.


It’s not just you and me. There is a whole beautiful world out there that loves us. Let’s love it back together. A portion of your payment and my income goes to support the good people of DOC (Department of Conservation) and keeping Aotearoa (New Zealand) beautiful.


Like those vibes? Great.

Feels like we are on the same wavelength. Let’s CONNECT.