wedding photography by handmade photography » New Zealand boutique and vintage wedding photography.

“Stephanie has a beautiful blend of natural ability, practical experience, and one-of-a-kind intuition. It all comes together to produce photographs that capture the deepest essence of a person or an experience.” – Natasha


It’s simple.

The vision is to give you a beautiful soul shot.

Of yourself, as a couple or of your whole family.

Let’s CONNECT, do some brain storming together and go from there.x


“Stephanie’s energy, care and organic flow simply allowed me the space to express myself. I could feel at ease while she worked her craft. She is a creative genius with so much passion and soul! She truly sees you~ your authentic self and captures your essence in her exquisite photographs so that you may see yourself clearly through the lens of love. What a special and unique gift to have and to share.” – Camila



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